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Excellent trader, got the car wash very fast. This XT88 is brilliant stuff! My car is now a mirror! Brilliant shine. Highly recommend, such a bargain in comparison to anything from Repco etc.


Excellent delivery ,washed to vehicles came up outstanding especially my truck that has white mud flapps,they came up sparkling white.I've used other products before and never had this resalt .Thankyou I will order somemore soon. Cheers,Mick.


XT88 What can I say about it apart from the fact it is the best car wash I have ever used. I cleaned my vehicle two weeks ago and even after a lot of wet weather it still looks clean. Also, it is so economical in use, 50ml in a five litre bucket of water gives incredible foam, rinse off with the hose and you have a spot free vehicle and windows. This is a brilliant product and comparing the price with a litre of car wash from other sources it is great value.


awsome product, it has really lifted gloss on the paint.


Absolutely fantastic product. I was a car groomer for 5 years and I have to say this is the best product I have ever used!!! AAA+++


The product,really,really good. The first wash results were ok. The second wash results were freekin amazing for such little effort. Genuinely a great product that I am happy to recommend to all. Will order again, although it could be a while as a little goes a long way. Thanks :-)


ABSOLUTE Best product I have ever used !!!!!!!!!! Fantastic !!


Wow this product is the best,thought Turtle ICE was good,this is even better.


Superb car wash, best I have used yet and I have enough to last me over 10 years!





Used today and definetly better than your average car wash.


WELL !!! Bugger works just as the ad says +. So wont be getting my Money back.

Absolutely a Fantastic Product. Thanks (i will be back)

Absolutely fantastic product. I was a car groomer for 5 years and I have to say this is the best product I have ever used!!! AAA+++


Works as described, polished look without the work. Recommended to all.


recommend to one and all, its all good!!!!!


Very pleased with the xt88 Best car wash I have used great shine. Many Thanks


Makes my car Shinier than it has ever been before, thanks.


Most spectacular how mould and other gunge could be easily hosed off the fibreglass roof of my poptop caravan that sits outside all winter, with a little XT88 to help. Try using it on those oily patches on the garage floor too !


The product,really,really good. The first wash results were ok. The second wash results were freekin amazing for such little effort. Genuinely a great product that I am happy to recommend to all. Will order again, although it could be a while as a little goes a long way. Thanks :-)


my car looks sooooo shiny


Excellent product-have recommended to a few freinds and they have also bought now!


This is the second time purhasing this product and we are blown away how good the cars look. Cheers.


Very impressed with this product...great stuff. Hooks into that dirt and leaves a brilliant shine :)


I highly recommend this excellent product.Cuts out all the rigmarole associated with traditional car cleaning. Because of ill health & very low energy levels I never cleaned my car.Now I do so easily & it looks great sparking appreciatve comments.


gr8t stuff


having used this product 3years ok i was keen to try it out again on my truck and trailer stock unit. it hasnt bought the colour baqck as i hoped but it puts a great shine on it and its easy to keep clean with dirt and grim coming off easy.. ill keep using it to see what happens to the paint work but i recommend it to any one wanting to try it .. cheers, keep it straight keep it safe...


Product cleans well and makes my car shine like no other product I've used before. Would only consider it a car wash though, not an all-in-one miracle product as nothing I've used so far replaces good old fashioned waxing. Highly recommended. Cheers.


fast freight and great product! better than turtle wax product that i have been happy using and doesn't need towel drying as doesn't spot even when using in almost full sun.Very happy now need to try on dirty race car :)


Great service and product. Would be the best car wash I have ever used.


This car wash is the best on the market the only one i will use on my cars and my race cars


XT88 is fantastic - great value for money and a brilliant carwash, highly recommend you give it a try!


Great stuff!!! Definetly recommend it!!!


ABSOLUTE Best product I have ever used !!!!!!!!!! Fantastic !!


.. great product .. recommend to use this if you have good paint.. it gets better the more u use it


absolutely fantastic product!Buy this if you want a shiny car!


just washed my truck and jeep both looked amazing without having to polish will buy more of product cheers


just washed my ute in the midday sun, amazingly amazing!!!


Brilliant product, second purchase. I use it for my cars and the house windows. Highly recommended.


Quality product effortless car washes from now on thanks.


Have used XT88 before – found it Amazing, great shine - no need to chamois.

Finished the XT88 and started using Turtle wash (it was a gift) It is nowhere near as good as XT88 – leaves streaks and water drops.

Have ordered more XT88


I would say that XT88 is the best product i have ever used. Cheers.


Product is excellent my car is glistening for the first time since new!


Awesome Awesome Awesome, have washed my car and have no probs with buying more if I need it..Many thanx


An easy to use product that gives great results.


Huge thanks! My car never looked better... Got that nice shine which is similar with 2 hours of waxing... :)


Product works great !! And $35 for 5 litres including delivery , it's an absolute bargain !!... Forget the soap from Repco and Super Cheap Auto ... XT88 is way better value and is delivered to your very door!!! Thanks from


Used on bathroom walls, removed ink marks, reduced the permanent marker laid by my mini michael angelo have yet to try on wallpaper! one downfall is finding a hiding place so my husband doesnt steal it for his cars! highly reccommended product and trader to all


Just tried the product and very impressed with results.


Product as described. Tried it on 3 vehicles and results as good or better than known top brands.


Thank you for a great product. We just washed a really old car to see what sort of results we would get and it looks so shiny. Just amazing. AAA+++


Highly recommended, as described.... amazing product, car looks really shiny. regard


Excellent Product, washed car yesterday, glowed in the sun, will be cleaning other car today. very pleased with results. Highly recommended, advise others to try as well. AAAAAA+++++


Product works well.Recommended.


Fantastic Product!!


Thanks for the top product, works as described.


An excellent product. XT88 exceeded its manufacturers claims.


UNBELIEVEABLE PRODUCT...must try "car wash"


and great product (if fact this product is fantastic beats all other car wash products hands down!!!)


The product xt88 seems to be a great product, leaves a great shine and is brilliant on glass.Will have to use it on the house windows as well I think.


This product is fantastic.


WOW, what terific car wash' it is everything you say it is.


great trade,fast delivery xt88 does everything it says it can do,saved time and elbow grease and a produced a showroom shine A+++++++++++




Great product - does all they say it does.


Product arrived promptly tried on couple of courier vans and result exceeded my expectation,great finish highly recommended.


Excellent product. It's that good I should be selling it!!


Well traders try for yourself this products works as per instructions,just tryed on BLACK Honda will trade again recemmonded AAA++++


Top Product. Awesome result.


Very efficient and quick delivery, thanks. This product is exceptional. I'm very fussy about my cars and used to spend a lot of time and effort polishing, and blacking bumpers, etc. No more, XT88 makes cleaning easy. A great product.


The overall finish is quite incredible but can you offer advise on using the product to reduce the obvious appearance of those fine scratches that suddenly appear at supermarket car parks?

I washed my car yesterday with XT88 and forced everyone at my workplace to view the shine today.

I live on a gravel road so car cleaning is normally redundant and applied as a warrant of fitness gesture.

Now everyone wants to steal my new car wash and I won’t let it go ‘cause I want to wash my car at least every other week.

I think I’ve figured, that now having seen the results of the wash, that a simple one off wax and polish with continued use of XT88 as a wash will have all the problems solved and more time for that well deserved beverage.

Many thanks again.


If you love your car then XT88 is the only you should use. No polish or wax but the most amazing shine. Your car will love you for it. With free delivery what more can you ask. Thanks again! I will never anything but XT88 again.


WOW!!this stuff is awesome,I cleaned my black alfa romeo & mag weels & the results were amazing!!

I have spent all morning washing my flatmates & parents cars & the results were the same


awesome product & awesome service.fast despatch of product. I have a black alfa romeo & the car & mag wheels look amazing!! throw all your other car cleaners out,this stuff is the ultimate!!